Code of Conduct for Parents & Guardians

Aspire Springers Trampoline Club is committed to maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and conduct. This Code of Conduct incorporates the spirit of Gymnastics and is set out below. It applies to all coaching sessions, activities, events, displays and competitions undertaken by members of Aspire Springers Trampoline Club.

  • Never force your child to participate, remember that your child should be involved for their enjoyment.

  • Support your child’s involvement and help them to enjoy the sports.

  • Help your child to recognise honest effort and good performance, as well as results.

  • Encourage your child to work towards skills improvement.

  • Encourage your child to take pride in their appearance and always wear the appropriate clothing.

  • Encourage your child to take care of personal property, of equipment and facilities.

  • Support your club in maintaining the highest standards of behaving.

  • Co-operate with and support coaches and other officials.

  • Support the management committee by attending meetings and offering support when ever possible.

  • Ensure gymnasts arrive in good time.

  • Ensure gymnasts have suitable clothing for travelling to and from a training session together with any refreshments that way be required.

  • Read the Code of Conduct for gymnasts and lead by example.

  • Make sure you do not distract the coach while they are coaching.

  • Do not be critical of other gymnasts’ performance.

  • Do not attempt to influence performance by bribery. The reward should be I’m the activity


The British Institute of Sports Coaches has a Code of Ethics, much of which has been incorporated into this code for our Gymnastics Coaches. This Code was written with specific reference to coaches; however most aspects are also applicable to other people, involved in the sports, such as judges, choreographers, committee members or any helpers.

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The Code


Coaching is a deliberately undertaken responsibility, and coaches are responsible for the observation of the principles within the codes.


Coaches must respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being. Specifically Coaches must treat all gymnasts equally, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability and political persuasion.


The coach will be concerned primarily with the well-being, health and future of each individual gymnast. Each gymnast must be encouraged to except responsibility for their own behaviour and performance, coaches will be responsible for setting and monitoring the boundaries between a working relationships, this particularly important when the coach and gymnast are of the opposite sex. The coach must realise that certain situations or friendly actions could be misinterpreted. The relationship between coach and gymnast relies heavily on mutual trust and respect.


Coaches should be aware of their obligation and the commitment involved. Coaches should advise their colleagues of dates when they will be unable to attend.


Coaches should communicate and co-operation with fellow club coaches, in the best interest of the gymnasts. An example would be seeking advice regarding gymnastics skills or handling methods.

Coaches in such instance must communicate and co-operation with medical practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a gymnast.


Coaches should refrain from public criticism of fellow coaches. Difference of opinion should be dealt with on a personal basis and more serious disputes should be referred to the club chairman and failing this the governing body of gymnastics (BG)

Coaches must treat opponent gymnasts with due respect regardless of results, and encourage our club gymnasts to act in a similar manner.

Coaches must take responsibility for the conduct of club gymnasts, insofar as they will undertake to discourage inappropriate behaviour.


Coaches inevitably gather personal information about gymnasts. The coaches should be aware not to divulge information to a third party without the consent of the gymnast.

Abuse and privilege

Coaches are privileged and must not attempt to exert undue influence on gymnasts in order to obtain personal benefit and reward.

Personal standards

The coach must display high personal standards to project a favourable image on both the club and the sport. Coaches should not drink alcohol before coaching so that their judgement may be impaired or the smell will still be on their breath when working with the gymnasts. Coaches should never smoke when coaching.


Coaches have responsibility to ensure the safety of the gymnasts. All reasonable steps should be taken establish a safe for the age, experience and ability of the gymnast, and gymnasts should be prepared for such activity.

Issues of competence

Coaches shall confine themselves to teaching to levels at which they have been trained, which are recognised by BG. Coaches must recognise when to refer gymnasts to a higher ability coach, and they should seek ways of increasing their professional development and self-awareness. Coaches should welcome evaluation by colleagues.

Coaches have responsibility to themselves and the gymnasts to maintain their own effectiveness, resilience and abilities, and to know when their personal resources are depleted as to make it necessary for them to seek help.

Violation of this code

An alleged breach of this code shall be grounds for making a complaint. This should initially be addressed to the Chairman of the club, and if necessary forwarded to BG

Note for guidance

It should be considered that senior figures in the club, offer guidance and support and encourage the development of new talent to ensure succession with the club.


Damaged caused by bullying is frequently underestimated and can and does cause considerable distress and harm to children. No gymnast will reach their full potential if they feel they are the victim of bullying. Tackling bullring must and will be the responsibility of everyone in the club.

Strategies to support anti-bullying

Bullying happening in a club can be reduced if there is a general atmosphere where members are valued and cared for.

The following strategies will be employed as a club in an attempt to prevent bullying:

– Encourage an ethos of mutual respect throughout the club

– Give positive encouragement and promote value of self and others

– Raise awareness of all to the possible cause and effect of bullying

– It will be clear that bullying will not be tolerated and is unacceptably

– However both victims and bullied will be given the necessary support

– Enable gymnasts to feel confident that their concerns will be listened and taken seriously

Our club will ensure that and bullying which involves children should be seen in the same light as other child protection concerns and child protection procedures will be implemented if serious concern is raised.

Code of Conduct for Gymnasts

Aspire Springers Trampoline Club is committed to maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and conduct. This Code of Conduct incorporates the spirit of Gymnastics and is set out below. It applies to all coaching sessions, activities, events, displays and competitions undertaken by members of Aspire Springers Trampoline Club.

  • Never compromise safety for achievement.

  • Support the club in maintaining the haughtiest standards in all club activities.

  • Participants for personal achievement and satisfaction.

  • Respect and appreciate your coaches, helpers and other gymnasts.

  • Always co-operate with your coaches and your fellow gymnasts.

  • Respect yourself and always give your best at coaching sessions, displays or competitions.

  • Take care of your own property and that of others.

  • Take care of the facilities that are provided and report and damage to your coach.

  • Advise your coach if you are unable to attend sessions.

  • Report and injury to your coach.

  • Never borrow or use another’s possessions without their permission.

  • Take pride in your appearance and always wear suitable clothing.

  • Treat all gymnasts, officials and spectators, as you would like to be treated.

  • Control your behaviour. Do not interfere, bully, or take advantage of others.

  • Use correct and proper language at all times, never swear.

  • Encourage your fellow gymnasts when ever possible, criticisms can be destructive.

  • Never make jokes or fun of anyone because they are different from you.

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